Sunday, May 2, 2021


I know. Invincibles has been around for a while. I have not paid any attention to it. Heard it was great, etc. I avoided it because of (insert reasons here. Truthfully I have no reasons. Like I have no reason to extend this parenthetic as far as I have. It's getting ludicrous. I suppose we can stop the madness and continue.)

So Amazon Prime has an animated version. Is it faithful to the comic? I DON'T KNOW! READ THE FIRST PARAGRAPH AGAIN!!! JEEZ!

Sorry, it's been a long weekend.

My wife and I watched the first episode. It was a cool story centered around a father (a Superman-like figure) whose son develops powers as he gets older. In his case, high school. It's actually a neat story with great writing, and conveys emotion quite well. We truly enjoyed this episode. The credits hit and I was ready to just exit, but some of the other heroes in this universe (introduced early in the show) started receiving a signal to go meet at their super secret headquarters. I said to my wife, in my infinite wisdom, "they are probably just fleshing out these other characters a bit".

Then THAT happened. 

No spoilers here. But WHAT. HAPPENED. 

I'm not going to watch the second episode. I don't know. Maybe I will. I probably will. But what the hell?

I give it 4 out of 5 popped out eyeballs.