Thursday, October 12, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery

Hello. All-purpose nerd here. I know the title of this refers to Star Trek, but if you do not go out and buy the latest issue of Detective Comics, I am going to have to put you on "the list".

Anyhoo...Star Trek is back in the form of Discovery. It is in the non-JJ timeline, and takes place before Kirk starts to make out with every female in the alpha quadrant. I am just going to do some quick hits, and they might contain spoilers (or at least hint at them).

  • Three episodes in...
    • Episode 1, good. Looks incredible. What is the budget?? It looks better than most movies
    • Episode 2, also good. Watching Yeoh go was not cool, bro
      • Seriously with the Klingon language.
      • Captain dark
    • Episode 3, AWESOME! Very good. I'm officially on board.
      • Warp Dog was an interesting concept.
This show is on CBS' streaming service All Access. That's how you can watch it. Good or bad? Unknown at this point. My concern is that putting a show that is potentially expensive on a new platform that has a much smaller user-base than a Netflix or Hulu is a risk. If the numbers are not there, does the budget get cut? Does the show get cut? Does my hair need to be cut? All three are probabilities. Tune in. The show is very good thus far.

Check out the podcast discussing this show over at Field of Geeks! Podbean, iTunes, and a bunch of other cool ways to listen. I'm not sure if we are still on short wave radio...I will check it out.

Detective comics. Reminder. I'll be watching.