Sunday, August 27, 2017

Game of Thrones

Not comics, but most of the planet watches this, so tough cookies!

Tonight is the finale of season 7. Spoilers in case you are not caught up.


Jon Snow, Danaerys, and company bring a Wight to King's Landing. Other interesting tidbit: I'm posting from my phone and it replaced King's with Kong's. That would certainly be a twist. Anyway, they go and see King Kong, and try to convince Cersei to put off the hostilities to combine forces and take on the White Walkers. AND THEIR DRAGON. Of course, none of our heroes know about that yet.

Anywhoo, I have not seen the leaked info for this episode. Tons of info exists on it, so I've been staying away from the interwebz so I don't go Drogo and pour melted gold on someone's head. I wonder if workplace productivity would increase know that is part of the performance management process.

My predictions:

*Littlefinger dies. Which Stark sister does it? Who cares, just do it.
*Arya is Arya. People are saying the other no faced girl killed her and took her place, but why would she go kill the Freys if it wasn't Arya?
*Cersei screws us over somehow...I mean, come on. Will someone die from the Snow Patrol? If anyone, my guess is Gendry.

Just a little time left. Can't wait!

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