Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Jason Todd


Right.  So moving on...

Were you alive to remember Jason Todd's original run?  The two origins?  The 900 number?  I WAS THERE!!!  #whippersnappers

First off, the picture is just more brilliance from Jim Aparo.  He and Neal Adams are two of the first people I think of when it comes to Batman artists.  Their ability to bring emotion to the page was, and is, unparalleled. 

Fourthly, I thought the right decision was handed down at the time.  Kill off the little punk.  Since then, I have become less radical/emotional in my desire to see fictional characters put down.  In this case I am glad it happened.

If Jason Todd would have lived and continued on as Robin, two things would not have happened...

1.) Tim Drake (the best Robin there was).
2.) We would not have the Jason Todd we know today.

His character as the Red Hood has been amazing.  One of the brighter spots in the Bat-verse in the last 11 years.  That's right, he has been back for 11 years.  Crazy, huh?  His first appearance was in 1983, and was killed off in 1988.  He has more than doubled his life span this second go-around.

DC's Rebirth has reverted back to the origin of him being a kid that stole the tires off of the Batmobile, fixing the New 52's origin. He has new "outlaws" with him for Rebirth, Artemis, and Bizarro.  Cray cray, I know.  #sorryaboutthecraycray

Jason has been no angel since coming back, there's no question about it.  His presence adds depth to the Bat-family, and I am glad that he is out there.  It's one of those cases where the death of a character worked, in hindsight.  Of course, when he died back in '88, the death of comic characters weren't so ridiculously overdone. 

I have not done the math, but I would imagine that there are more DC/Marvel heroes that have died than haven't (A and B-listers, anyway).

Check out Rebirth's Red Hood and the Outlaws.  It's worth a read!


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