Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Slate & Ashe 1-4, Hulk, Blanky Bot, Random Musings...

Here in Iowa, the weather can't decide between 100 degrees and humidity or severe thunderstorms.  So, I am moving to Fort Resolution, Canada.  I leave you in the good hands of my clone, Darren.  See ya, suckers!!

Mr. Ethan Murphy, the creator of Slate & Ashe, was kind enough to send me actual print copies of issues 1 - 4.  KEEP 'EM COMING, PAL!  Story?  Awesome.  Art?  Excellent.  Pacing?  Great.  The layout is phenomenal, and I am investing in chloroform so we can procure Ethan so I can keep reading.  Ethan, you've been warned.  Friends, go to Plume Snake's site and check out Slate & Ashe.

Alex Odom's Blanky Bot...I have talked about this before, but I keep coming back to it.  While it's criminally short, I love this book.  I describe the art as "simplistic complexity".  I keep looking at it.  More Plume Snake awesomeness.

Marvel Comics spoilers coming up right after I am done typing this...

Hulk is dead.  Sigh.  The combination of fans going crazy over a death in comics and companies like Marvel using event storytelling techniques makes my head hurt.  We all know death in comics mean virtually nothing.  Hulk will be back, kids.  Banner Hulk.  So relax. 

DC Rebirth is selling very well thus far, according to reports.  As a lifelong DC fan, I couldn't be happier.  Sustaining those sales numbers is not realistic.  However, if you want to maximize your numbers, it's about consistent quality, not event-driven craziness.  So far, I am enjoying what I have read, and I really enjoy being back in a comic shop with regularity.

Even more ADD: 
  •  Kid Flash pics released from Flash season 3!  Looks amazing. 
  • Started watching Continuum, good stuff so far...yeah, I know it got cancelled...
  • Dark Matter is back on...WHOO!
  • The Mystery Science Theater 3000 reunion show was so awesome.  Thanks to Rifftrax and the stars of MST3K for making me laugh non-stop for two hours.
  • Star Trek is coming soon!  I'm ready...I feel like one of the few that loves all things Trek...
  • Speaking of which, I just started DS9.  The concept was so "un-Trek", I did not give it a chance.  Five episodes in, and I am hooked. 
  • Next blog, I interview the corpse of the Hulk.

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