Thursday, June 30, 2016

Plume Snake Interviews

Hello, kids!  It's been a couple hours (ridiculous exaggeration) since my last entry.  Let that be a lesson to you; don't have a full time job!  Sure, jobs are awesome when it comes to being able to support your way of life.  They can also be very fulfilling and help you establish both responsibility and accountability, but let's be takes away from time I could be sitting here delivering you...

Sorry, I was starting to bore myself.

I have a few drafts written, however, but for this entry I would like to point you to Podbean or to your iTunes store!  Podbean is a free app that delivers you approximately a jillion podcasts.  JILLION IS A REAL NUMBER.  Anyway, when you are there, search for "Field of Geeks" and you will find a ton of great content for comic lovers, movie lovers, pop culture lovers...we don't have a lot for lovers of Tibetan Philosophy, but I can make some calls.

We have recently had the honor to do a couple interviews with some great creators over at Plume Snake Comics.  We had Ethan Murphy and Arianna Tressel-Orner on to discuss Slate & Ashe.  It was great discussion and they stuck around for the rest of the show and discussed all sorts of cool things!  I can say that Slate & Ashe is extremely enjoyable for any fan of great entertainment.  I can't say enough about how great Ethan and Ari were to talk to.  Give it a listen!
Shamelessly lifted from the Plume Snake site.  

Last week we put up our interview with Alex Odom and Austin Eichelberger, the CEO and VP of Plume Snake Comics, respectively.  Both are also creators and have some great stuff out there.  Blanky Bot is my write-in candidate for President this year.  The Lioness was great, and I am really looking forward to Last Stop 'til Earth.  Both of these gentlemen were great to talk to, and I enjoyed getting to chat with them about their business model.

Check them all out at Plume Snake!  Plume Snake has a great Twitter presence, as well!

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Coming up: quick hit reviews of Slate & Ashe, various Rebirth titles, Pigantula, Blanky Bot, and more!  Dumpster Diving will return with Sandman Mystery Theater!

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