Sunday, May 22, 2016


Over at the Field of Geeks podcast, we had a great discussion about DC Comics and the creative directions with both, the comic line, and the cinematic/tv universes.  This is timely with the Rebirth "event" around the corner this coming Wednesday.

In a recent interview with Jim Lee and Dan Didio, they addressed the lack of "legacy and generations and the things that were hallmarks of the DC Universe."  Awesome!  That means that it will be fixed! As a lifelong fan of DC, in particular, I couldn't be more excited.  Will Tim Drake have a history as "Robin" again?  Will the Superman books be coherent again?  The Justice Society?  Lots of questions...

Of course, one question I have is the overall direction at DC.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that when you pull a "New 52" on your audience, you are going to alienate a number of your readers, especially grumpy old people like me.  It also isn't brain surgery to understand that it is very difficult to maintain large, consistent audiences in comics.  I understand that DC was trying to make something work.  That said, the DC universe has been around a long time, about 78 years.  The characters that have come to us in that time have seen tons of change, some good and some bad.

The point I am trying to make (terribly), is that in a fickle market place, huge changes are very risky.  It is easier to operate under a "no risk, no reward" mentality when business is booming.  Comic business is not booming.  DC is not booming.

The $890 million dollar "failure" that was Batman v Superman is proof of a couple things...

1.) Critics are dumb.
2.) You can't just slap together your toys in the sandbox and just expect great things to happen.

Some of the backlash is deserved.  I personally believe Snyder should not be directing comic movies. Google "Snyder" and Batman rape, if you don't believe me.

Enter Geoff Johns.  He has been the architect of the some of the best that modern DC has had to offer.    Now he has built Rebirth, and moves directly off to save DC in other mediums.  If anyone can do it, he can.  He has genuine love for the characters, and it has always shown.

It's only a matter of time until he heads DC.  Sooner the better.

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