Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Interview With Ethan Murphy of Slate & Ashe

Happy day after Memorial Day!  It's my 83rd favorite day of the year!  If you are all about ranking your days of the year, it has to be close to the top half.  I mean, come on.

In today's installment, I am very happy to be interviewing Ethan Murphy!  Ethan is the creator of the Slate & Ashe series coming out.  The premise is awesome, and I love the different approach he has taken with zombies.  Zombies...the undead, NOT the employees at the DMV.  Let's dive in!

Steve: Tell us about yourself!  What is your background, and why comics?
Ethan Murphy: I went to James Madison University to study media arts and design. I originally wanted to be a filmmaker but was convinced by my brother that comics would allow me more creative control and be more gratifying.

S: What creators, in or out of comics, have inspired you?
EM: My single biggest influence was probably the 90's as a whole. Bit of a cop out, I know. I grew up watching next level, AMAZING shows like Batman the Animated Series, X-Men and Dragonball Z. Those three shows in particular showed me as a kid that storytelling can and should transcend mediums. They also showed me how much fun and diverse characters should be.

S: Slate & Ashe has an interesting concept, to be sure.  Tell us all about it!
EM: Slate & Ashe is about a cop and a zombie teaming up to solve a case. It features a version of the undead but is essentially a buddy cop story. Think Lethal Weapon with zombies. However, in this world, the zombies are highly sentient and don't eat brains. In fact, the zombie working with the cop is very similar to Frasier Crane. Haha.

S: Where can I spend my money to follow the adventures of Slate & Ashe?
EM: On June 1st, Slate & Ashe will be available for digital download on Plume Snake. They're a great site and very affordable. We will also personally deliver hard copies of the series to anyone interested. All you have to do is contact us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/slateashe.

S: As a writer, what is your favorite part of the process?  On the flip side of the coin, what is your least favorite part?
 EM: I enjoy virtually every part of the writing process itself but like doing the dialogue the most. It's the best chance to really give the characters a unique voice. My least favorite part is lettering the finished comics. Since our operation is still small, I have to do it myself and am not the best at it. Haha.

S: You get to choose any two superheroes to protect you in the inevitable zombie apocalypse, who are they and why?
EM: Very good question. I would go with Green Arrow since he is a survivalist that is a master archer and The Punisher since he's the single greatest killer in all the comic universes.

S: You can only watch one movie for the rest of your life, which is it?
EM: Another good question. Haha. I've actually thought about this before. Have to go with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

S: Where can people follow you on social media?
EM: You can follow us on Facebook and on Instagram at SlateAshe.
Thanks, Ethan!  I am excited for the launch of Slate & Ashe.  We will be inviting Ethan to join us on the Field of Geeks podcast, as well!  Once we nail down a date, I will post it here and on Twitter.

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