Monday, May 9, 2016

Civil War - Spoilers Probably

Like many people from our planet, I saw Civil War over the weekend.  The reviews for this film have been overwhelmingly positive (shocker), as has audience reaction.  Personally, I felt that to not even mention Abraham Lincoln was just unacceptable.  As President during a time of upheav...excuse me a second...

Sorry.  I was just informed this was supposed to be a superhero movie, not a tale during a turbulent time in our nation's history.  Like, omg, I am SO embarrassed!!!!!!!!!

As superhero movies go, this movie has them.  It also has zany Marvel quips and other scintillating banter we have come to expect from Robert Downey, Jr. and friends.  Did anyone catch the Jessica Jones cameo?  Yeah, I made that up.

This movie was excellent, all kidding aside.  Welcome Spider-Man to a studio that knows what they are doing.  For the small amount of time the wall crawler was on the screen, I am now eagerly waiting for his film.  Black Panther was also a very welcome addition to a film that was heavy on characters, and still managed to pull it off.

What irritates me has nothing to do with the actual movie.  It has to do with what I am reading on the interwebz.  "See DC?!  This is how it's done!"  Because I am one of the MAJORITY of people who enjoyed Batman v Superman, and read various outlets discuss how Civil War will blow away BvS, I went into the movie and actually had to struggle to be objective. 

Part of me wanted to find things to complain about just to throw it in the face of people who do not understand that these are two different types of movies that happen to be in the same genre.  Stop comparing the two, please. 

Back to Civil War...

It is no surprise that the movie version is different than the comic version of the storyline, and I am glad we didn't see anyone die.  That is such a lazy and overused way to advance a story in comics.  The fact that they were able to deliver great action, and a good story proves that you do not need to kill off heroes to tell stories.

5 out of 5 Aunt Mays.  Rawr.

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