Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Comic Book Movies

Hello internet.  Just a couple days away from the domestic premier of The Avengers.  I am extremely excited for this one.  On my iTouch, I have The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, and Thor on my video playlist.  Iron Man is coming.

This movie seems to be getting very positive reviews from critics, as well as fans overseas.  I am ready for the midnight showing, and so is my understanding wife.

In general, comic movies are my favorite, because I am a complete nerd.  At my age, I am completely fine with that.  So let's do a quick rundown of our friends from Marvel's premier super team.

Captain America: If you haven't been reading Brubaker's Cap over in the comics, cast shame upon your house and slice off a pinky or something.  That book is consistently amazing.  As a character, Cap is kind of the boy scout, with a Superman-esque attitude and idealism.  In the Captain America movie, Chris Evans did an excellent job playing Johnny Storm Steve Rogers.  Granted, I was a little hesitant knowing that the part of cap went to Johnny Storm.  That said, I feel like the movie was phenomenal.  Fun stuff!  

The Hulk: After two movies, the Ang Lee disaster and the recent one featuring Edward Norton, we have had what most people would call dismal to mediocre exposure to the Hulk on the big screen.  Personally, I felt that Ang Lee's Hulk was good in parts, but just didn't cut the mustard.  The recent Hulk movie I enjoyed very much.  To each their own.  I have read that Hulk steals every scene he is in.  HULK SMASH.

Thor: Excellence.  The movie was excellent.  Kat Dennings aside, Thor was just one of the most enjoyable comic films I have ever seen.

Yes, there is a higher power.
Iron Man: I can't picture anyone else as Tony Stark.  Robert Downey Jr. is simply amazing in the role.  Iron Man 2 may have had a goofy-ass Mickey Rourke in it, but Downey is a genius, with probably the best verbal delivery this side of Ric Flair.  Huh?!?!

Hawkeye: Our exposure to him was the cameo in Thor.  I hope he blows some shit up with some explosive arrows.

Insanely hot Scarlett Johannson is Black Widow.  Personally I could watch 2 hours of Scarlett taking a nap and feel like I got my money's worth.  Rawr.

Nick Fury: Samuel Jackson finally gets more than one scene!  I hope there are no snakes on any planes.  

I hope this movie does ridiculously well at the box office and is critically acclaimed.  It just helps the genre.  Go see it multiple times.  I know I will.

Next blog: what drives me nuts about comic book movies.  Where there is good, there is also bad.  Very bad.

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Marcus said...

Well said! And I completely agree about watching Scarlet Johanssen take a nap...just as long as she's sleeping on her stomach. YEAH!!!