Sunday, February 5, 2012


So I am pretty behind on comics.  Real life keeps me busy!  Real life is also a definition for family, work, and Call of Duty: Black Ops or MW3, you choose.

I want to care.
Grifter was the first thing I caught up on, because I recall not disliking the first few issues, but I wasn't really getting too into it, either.  So I stacked up my comics from "marginal" to "good" to "I can't wait".
Unfortunately for Cole Cash (Grifter), he was up first.  Five issues in, and I like the art, I think Grifter could be cool, but I just can't bring myself to give two shits about the Daemonites.  I hope I spelled that correctly.  I would check, but that would require me reaching to my right about a half-arm's length to open one of the issues.  There are things I cannot be bothered with, mind-control, sushi, speaking Mandarin Chinese, and trying to look up the correct (comic) spelling of Daemonite.  You might argue that with the insane rambling I've done in this paragraph, I could have looked it up.  You're absolutely right.  But what concerns me even more, is the origin of the phrase "I couldn't give two shits..."

Don't even get me started.

Grifter has one issue left to rope me in.  If not, I will replace it with a few songs to download off of iTunes.

The rest of the reading order...

We are going to the Bat-verse and will be reading these titles...

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Then we hit the GL universe...

New Guardians
Red Lanterns

After that, we will hit the "others".

Justice League

There is still Catwoman, Stormwatch, some Marvel stuff, and the latest Maxim, but they will have to wait. 

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