Saturday, July 4, 2009

Captain America: Reborn

Steve Rogers is on his way back! Oh yeah...spoilers.

Issue number one, of five, brings us up to speed with what happened to Cap, from the point of being assassinated until now, where we find the new Cap, his former partner James "Bucky" Barnes and the Black Widow off on a mission to recover some of the Red Skull's crap.

The mission leads them to Norman Osborn's helicarrier.

You see, Sharon Carter, former lover of Steve Rogers and alleged murderer of Rogers, believes Steve is alive. Information she obtained while being held captive by the Red Skull and that goofy looking bastard Zola has led her to believe he is not dead after all.

Lots of dialogue ensues, setting up the remainder of this series, and we see Bucky and the Black Widow being ambushed by Ares and Venom, of Dark Avengers fame. At the end, we see flashback city, all the way back to WW2, where Cap is alive, and apparently back in that time period.

Will Cap come back to the present? What will become of Bucky, who did an unbelievably great job as Cap in Steve's absence? Is Zola a sex offender? What about the charger for my electric screwdriver? Will it turn back up? STAY TUNED!

Coming up: the last couple issues of Vigilante, Justice League: Cry For Justice, Gears of War, and more!

Zola has no neck. ------>


Marcus said...

This series is off to a promising start. By the way, you NEED to start reading Dark Avengers. That's not a request. Stop drooling on the Magic card cases and buy Dark Avengers!!

Steve said...

Steve the completist has a hard time jumping in after something has started.

I noticed a lot of "Dark" Marvel titles...are they just crossovers, or is there a book "Dark Avengers"? If so, I will grab it and let you catch me up!