Thursday, June 11, 2009

Red Robin #1

Tim Drake, now Tim Wayne, was the third Robin, after Dick Grayson and killed-off punk Jason Todd. Drake deduced the Batman's identity on his own, and ended up with the Robin role. This version of Robin was excellent. He was smart, a great fighter, and level-headed. He and Dick Grayson had excellent rapport and it was always awesome to see the two together.

Fast-forward to now. Batman's dead, and Dick Grayson is now Batman. Grayson appointed Bruce Wayne's son, Damien as the new Robin, much to the distaste of Tim, who just lost his job. I want to go on the record stating that Damien is so annoying that I want to actually become the Joker so I can go to New York and blow up the DC offices. Naturally, I would never do that, but what the hell? We already had a shithead Robin, and readers voted him "off the island".

Tim, in one of my favorite panels ever (primarily because of my seething dislike for Damien) punches the little bastard. Unfortunately, the punch wasn't hard enough to break his neck.

Tim decides to don the Red Robin costume, and sets out on a quest to find Bruce Wayne, who, according to Tim, is still alive.

We aren't told why Tim thinks he is still alive, but I am hoping that will pan out as the story progresses. After all, Tim was the kid who figured out who Batman really was, and if anyone can find him now (assuming he is still out there) it should be Tim.

The action in this story was great, I really liked the art...reminded me of Tom Grummet in some ways. Of all the Bat-books out lately, this one was by far the best. Tim Wayne is really skirting the edge, it seems, between keeping his cool, and losing it altogether. We get a last-page surprise that puts an interesting twist on things.

Great book! 5 out of 5, simply for the panel shown.


Marcus said...

Although I agree Tim was awesome in the part, I normally avoid anything with the character who I cleverly refer to as "that little jerk in the yellow outfit". I may have to pick this one up, though.

Steve said...

I liked Tim as Robin because he wasn't a dillhole. If they launch a solo Robin title with Damien "please Joker, pummel me with a blunt object" Wayne, then I will send the Batman editors a picture of me every week without a shirt on until they right their wrongs.

No one wants that.