Monday, May 25, 2009


Okay. I need to get in shape. I just carted out 10 long-boxes full of comics, went through each of them, and put them away. What caused such unbridled stupidity, you ask? Well, I blame unbridled stupidity.

A long time ago, in an apartment far, far away...I was going through my comics to get together some reading material, and didn't have even half of them alphabetized or anything. So, as I am trying to FINALLY organize certain segments of my collection, I had to go through the mess to make sure I had everything I need. Now I am tired, kinda sweaty, and in need of some pudding. Chocolate.


Marcus said...

Alphabetized??? Isn't numeric enough for ya? Let me help you. File Power Girl under B for bewbs and WILD C.A.T.S. under S for shittay.

Steve said...