Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Nightwing #80-81

Anyone reading Nightwing? I'll wait for an answer. This is interactive, and without participation from you, I am concerned you just aren't engaged. While I wait, I'm going to take a drink of water while I look over at you as if I am expecting an answer. The water, albeit real water in a real cup, is more of a prop. If I am calmly taking a drink while I look expectantly at you, it shifts the focus on you to start speaking. The last thing you want is to be in a room full of people and someone expects you to speak then you don't. Especially when they are taking a drink of water. It's as if the mic has been passed to you. So don't F this up.

Well, I guess I'm alone here.

If you are reading Nightwing you already know what's up. If not, Nightwing recently went for a long stint having lost his memory after being shot in the head. He went by Ric Grayson, as opposed to Dick Grayson. Sometimes I wonder if DC has all this planned out or if they are just picking EVERY idea they throw against the wall.

Anywho, Dick Grayson is back, and I started reading again at issue 75. A good jump on point! Every issue has been a fun read until the last two issues...80 and 81. These were AWESOME reads. 

First of all, there's this...

TIM DRAKE. Yup. As a long time reader, you can actually objectively say that Drake is the best Robin. Is he your favorite Robin? That's a different question. Some people love Grayson. Other people who think they are edgy like Damien as their Robin. From a pure loyalty perspective, and an intelligence perspective, Drake wins. Case closed. I'm the judge.

So Tim is along for the ride in these issues. I will not give away the spoiler at the end of issue #81 but if it's true, I cannot wait to see where it goes.

Go pick up Nightwing at your local comic shop, or download it from Comixology. 5 out of 5 concussions.