Monday, January 9, 2017

Death in 2016

The "in" thing was to blame 2016 for the deaths of some of our favorite celebrities.  I've read a variety of articles and thoughts as the year passed, and one thing I actually found amusing were the people who felt it necessary to educate people on the fact that a "year" was not responsible for taking the lives of celebrities.

SERIOUSLY??  I'm trying to convey extreme levels of sarcasm.  Maybe I should mix in some exclamation points.


Hmm.  Looks good.

If you truly believe that the calendar year of 2016 was responsible, then please email me.  I have a need to have money moved from a Nigerian bank, and you are the one I've chosen!

There were a lot of big losses last year...Bowie, Prince, Fisher, Reynolds...the list goes on and on.  Instead of writing any sort of tribute posts (I had a long on one Carrie Fisher), I will instead get a little preachy.  Lame, I'm sure, but it won't last long, I promise.

None of us escape death.  Celebrities, CEO's, or average Joe's...we all meet an end.  What will YOU leave behind?  We live in an era where we have tons of data at our fingertips, with our heads down and our faces lit.  Some people have written nice tributes, others are critical.  Some of it legitimate, some of it vitriolic.

When time catches up to us, what will people say about you?  Us non-celebrities aren't worried about the masses.  What about those close to you?  Leave a positive mark.  It's important.

Be kind to each other!