Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dear Critics

Finally!  I have been freed from an Albanian terrorist organization and am free to blog!  This translates into being lazy. Sorry, Albania!
In the last installment, we talked about Ben Affleck and his turn as Batman. There was a lot of speculation and hate. Rest assured, he was the best Caped Crusader.  Sorry, Clooney.

We have finally seen a DC Comics movie that lives up to DC Comics.  The critics are destroying this movie like it starred Ryan Reynolds in a green suit.  One of the biggest complaints?  It's joyless and too dark.  Excuse me?  In Man of Steel, my biggest beef was the insane amount of property damage.  This had to be dark.  The source material led us to this.  Critics, you are stupid.  Sorry, critics!

Finally, this is a good time to resurrect this blog, as there are so many projects out and coming up.  DC Comics "Rebirth" project is right around the corner, and I am excited to see what is up.  So to the 2 people that read this, sorry two people!

Plug time: Field of Geeks!  It's a podcast.  Download the app Podbean (for free) and search for Field of Geeks.  It's worth it, great guys on there talking about all the fun stuff.  Even I am a guest on there, occasionally.  Sorry, world!

Bats vs Supes: 5 out of 5 baths with Amy Adams.

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