Sunday, August 25, 2013

Affleck Batman, Internet Dies

Dear God.

So, Batman/Superman are slated to have their own movie!  Awesome!  The new Man of Steel movie was great, and the Nolan Batman films are amazing.  This can only be a smash hit because...huh?  What was that you say?


Ben Affleck's career is like the stock market, full of ups and downs.  Lately, he has had some high quality work, without question.  It is on his recent performances that I am hopeful.  Ideally, Christian Bale would have taken the 692 billion dollars they offered him and would reprise the role he made famous.

One thing that drives me crazy is how people freak out over casting decisions, or even upcoming (but not-yet-released) stories and just KNOW they will hate it.  People lost their minds when Michael Keaton was announced as Batman back in the day.  People then lost their minds when they knew he wouldn't be back.

This is not to say I think Ben Affleck will definitely be incredible in the role.  I think he can do well.  How?

  • No cutesy, tongue-in-cheek, cheesy humor.  You are Batman, for God's sake.  
  • Stick with the source material's intent.  This is where the studios screwed up the Brandon Routh Superman film, and even Green Lantern.  Batman, and Man of Steel (for the most part) is virtually the only thing DC/Warner has done right.
  • You have two heroes trying to share screen time.  No matter what happens, do not have more than one villain.  Another superhero movie failure.  Try to squeeze as many characters in as you can!  The audience will love that!  No, we do not.
No one knows if Ben Affleck will "suck" or not.  I hope he succeeds.  He is the guy, after all.