Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Batman 688-690

Judd Winick's Batman. I have been in the camp that Judd Winick is a mediocre comic book writer. I always felt like his stuff was being force fed food I hated as a baby. When I was a baby, you see, the mortality rate was pretty crazy. I was born in the 1700's.

Anyway, Winick's Batman run here has been pretty great. Perhaps when I compare him to demon-seed Grant Morrison it is clouding my objectivity. But seriously, this arc has been cool.

First and foremost, there is VERY little of Damien in this series. I love that. In fact, I wonder what Damien would look like in a casket.

So, Two-Face figures out that this new Batman (Dick Grayson) is not the OLD Batman. Quite an interesting cliffhanger in issue #690. Clayface makes an appearance, and I can't remember the last Clayface story I read.

Mark Bagley is a great artist, I liked him way back in the day when he was on Spider-Man. Good detail! Side note: supposedly this was Winick's last issue?! So someone else is writing the conclusion? Weird. Seems like the only consistently DC has right now is with Green Lantern.

Speaking of which, the next entry will catch up my legions of readers (2) on Blackest Night!

Regarding Batman 688-690, 4 out of 5 Batarangs.

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