Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Dorian. That's the only name we know Vigilante by, save his alter ego of "Joe Flynn". That is the name he uses as he infiltrates the underworld.

Seven issues into his own title, I have to say that Marv Wolfman is doing excellent work, as usual. Wolfman was the Titans writer back in the 80's when that was one of the hottest titles on the market. As a result, we see a pretty solid Titans influence throughout the series. One example is Vigilante actually breaking into Titans tower to hack into the computer, only to be caught by Donna Troy in a very cool scene.

This comic has superheroes and over the top bad guys (Shark), but is a great read, because Vigilante has no super-powers, only his mental and physical abilities. Any similarities to Batman or Nightwing pretty much end there. Dorian has a clouded past, and we know he has done some bad things that he is trying to make up for. It's a very good series, and I hope it lasts as long as Marv wants it to. With my luck, it'll be cancelled by issue 12.

There is a small, but interesting supporting cast, involving his Microchip (Punisher) style partner, an agent with the FBI who is on his tail, and a mob boss that is fairly creepy.

It's good stuff, and a nice balance from all the books I read with power rings all the color of the rainbow.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Check it out!

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Marcus said...

What are you doing to me here? I'm trying to keep my comic addiction down to a minimum and you keep tempting me with stuff like this!