Monday, July 6, 2009

Magic: The Gathering

Okay. WAY back in the day (I'm old, see), I used to play D&D and Star Frontiers. That was pretty much the extent of my RPG days. I preferred Star Frontiers so much more due to the insanely easy rule system. In fact, there is an awesome Star Frontiers site out there that has all the game materials remastered! Go here!

In my local comic shop, there is an entire room dedicated to people playing RPG's. You see quite a mixed crowd in there...non-descript high school kids, normal looking dudes, and guys with Chewbacca-like hair who wear their trenchcoats in July. I stick to a budget, so comics and video games are pretty much my hobby.

Xbox Live Arcade recently released a Magic: The Gathering game. I saw it, and was feeling a little RPG nostalgic, and bought it. It's not an RPG in the same sense as D&D or anything, in that it's a card game. Holy crap is it fun!! I am addicted to this freakin' game and probably will be for quite some time.

Side note: I was looking at the comic shop and checking out their Magic cards in the glass case. I saw a couple for 300 dollars. I about shat myself. Wow.

Anyway, 5 out of 5 mana cards. This game rocks.

Here's a card that costs a couple bucks.


Marcus said...

Ahhh, the Black Lotus card. I typed "Black Lotus" into my search engine and came up with some pretty different stuff. Most of them were worth more than $3,000.

Steve said...

That is crazy. Even if I won a huge lotto, like a 50 million+ deal, I still couldn't buy that without my wife slapping the crud outta me.