Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Welcome to the blog!

Well, it's official! After a lot of fanfare, anticipation, and a lot of work from various agencies, this blog is up and running!

Okay, there was no fanfare, anticipation, and no agencies were involved. In fact, as of right now, no one knows this blog exists. That's okay...start at the bottom, right?

Oh, look! I already have a question from a reader!

Q: What the hell is this blog about??
A: First, thanks for writing. Secondly, this blog is where I will discuss comics I am reading and pretend that other people give a shit.

Coming up in this blog: Gears of War issues 1-5, the state of Captain America, Green Lantern, and I will dumpster dive into comics I started buying but never read.

Stay tuned, suckers!


Marcus said...

Hey! In response to your constant nagging, I am giving Green Lantern a try. Starting with the most recent issue. It better be GOOD!!

Steve said...

Wow! A lot going on in GL, with a need for some potential backstory fill-in. If you get to scratchin' your head wondering what the hell is up, let me know!

Jennifer said...

Good for you! you should always read the books you buy! good luck with the blog :)

Marcus said...

I will definitely need some help with my confusion. Also, I'll need some GL background. Very cool blog, by the way!